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How to Sell on Amazon?

Course Title: How to Sell on Amazon

The programme in English is on demand only.

Contact us if you are interested in training in your company or want to arrange a training for your audience group in your or any other language and/or other country.

Main Topic: Marketing and Sales
Related Topics: Digital Economy, Internationalisation of Businesses

Seminar Code: WOD-004006-0001-EN

Venue: in agreement with a client or organizer of training in a particular country;
in general, it is possible to choose the online, on-site or a combination of both locations;

Other languages: on request and with prior arrangement


More About the Programme

Sales through the amazon marketplace is the wish of each manufacturer and/or retailer of final consumer goods, mainly due to the amazon high visibility and, consequently, a large customer base. We offer training, mentorship, consulting to all those who see in sales on amazon a new opportunity to expand their sales on domestic and foreign markets.

The training programme is intended for:

  • owners and executives in companies with their own online sales or with the desire to develop online sales or with the desire to extend existing online sales to other channels and to foreign markets;
  • staff who are in charge of organizing sales and other marketing and sales professionals;
  • professionals in the field of international business operations.

The purpose of the training is to familiarize participants with the possibilities and requirements of selling on amazon marketplaces, as well as on preparatory and implementation activities.

Amazon records high growth each year in terms of the number of sellers and buyers as well as in terms of a turnover generated from sales. Also companies that have observed amazon only with the side eye must admit that sales on the amazon should no longer be ignored. Sales methods on Amazon's marketplaces vary depending on the strategy, the type of products and the capabilities of individual companies.

We offer several variations of the training, from basic to the advanced courses and our clients are able to choose the online, on-site or a combination of both locations.

The basic training is meant for producers and others who normally already sell their products via other channels and they would like to extend their sales to the amazon (especially to the European amazon). It is fully customised to the individual client’s product range and target countries. We will cover several topics, among others: why is important to start selling on Amazon, how to deal with possible conflicts with already established other sales channels and what are possible solutions, how to decide about the most appropriate way of selling on Amazon, what types of products to sell, how to decide about the pricing, how to prepare products and products description for amazon, what does it mean to manage daily operations related to amazon, and more. The basic training programme will help producers and other sellers to understand the amazon related business, decide about the most appropriate strategy, plan activities and estimate needed resources.

The advanced training course is a step-by-step online mentoring offered in the process of preparation of products for amazon and during first amazon selling steps. The programme is fully customized to the specific needs of each client. We recommend to proceed first with our basic training course.

Entering European Amazon marketplace is prepared for non-EU producers and sellers wishing to enter EU amazon marketplaces.

Main topic: Marketing and Sales

In our work we come into contact with numerous companies offering various semi-products, products and services that are intended for sale to commercial entities, the public sector through public procurement and/or final consumers. Many of these companies’ products and services are not ready in the shape or form that is suitable or appropriate for marketing abroad, namely due to a lack of certificates, unfulfillment of standards, unsuitable price policies, unsuitable packaging, competitiveness regarding the design and functionality of the product or service, in addition to many other reasons. Even companies themselves often do not have the proper internal organisation or have inexperienced staff when it comes to selling on foreign markets.

With the rise in online sales, online social media and analytical tools for monitoring sales and visitor behaviour on websites, marketing and sales have become significantly more complex. Today, that means that in addition to the traditional sales channels, there are a large number of possible online marketing, advertising, and sales channels, as well as a wide selection of associated software tools available.

Our trainings reveal various aspects of marketing and sales in the international context.

Courses on "Marketing and sales" are developed modularly, separately by individual types of communication and sales channels, by product or service groups, by individual markets and/or by other criteria and received companies suggestions. On the topic of "Marketing and Sales" we also recommend other courses, among others:

Depending on the interest of the participants, additional modules may follow.

Irena Rezec, M.Sc., MBA

IR 400x400

Irena Rezec is an experienced expert with more than 30 years of experience both in the public as well as in the private sector in Slovenia and abroad. She has gained experience and knowledge in the field of information solutions development, entrepreneurship, European and global business ecosystems, business collaboration and partnership approaches as well as in internationalisation of companies, all by obtaining the University (information systems) and Master's (international management) degree, by managing the Euro Info Cenre in Ljubljana (currently titled Enterprise Europe Network), by cooperating in various working groups in Slovenia and abroad, and within last years in the role of the Owner and Director of two companies (WOTRA - Slovenia, WOTRA Universe - UK) also by implementing a big number of consulting projects and seminars in Slovenia and other countries in the world. For the past 16 years, she has also regularly evaluated EU project proposals (EU H2020, URBACT, and other EU funds) in the fields of ICT and industrial clusters development, and occassionally in the field of urban and rural economic development.

In addition, she was in-depth training in:

  • collaborative relationships and partnership management (Rhythm of Business, OECD, Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Flanders);
  • open and systematic innovation (CREAX, ECSB);
  • selling on amazon marketplaces (Amazing);
  • digital marketing and online sales channels (Amazing, Shaw Academy);
  • regional economic development (Flemish Government, OECD, InWEnt Germany, Assembly of European regions);
  • quantum techniques (Tadej Pretner);
  • systemic dynamics in organisations - systemic constellations in business (a licensed faciliator certified by the Institute for Systemic Constellations Slovenia in cooperation with Bert Hellinger Institute of the Netherlands).

Among others, she is a member of:

  • Advisory Board of the Cluster House – an umbrella organization of the Balkan and Black Sea Cluster Network;
  • TCI Network – The Competitiveness Institute Network;
  • ERENET – Entrepreneurhsip Research and Education Network of Central European Universities.

You can contact the trainer via phone, no. +386 40 790 000 or via e-mail: ir / @ / wotra.com.

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As regards your sales on the Amazon's marketplaces, we also offer consulting, mentoring, coordination and management services tailored to your needs, including:

  • assistance in planning, preparation and implementation of sales on amazon;
  • management of your Amazon account on your behalf;
  • coordination and/or management of your internal and external expert groups involved in the design, preparation and implementation of the "amazon" project on your behalf;
  • mentoring your team during the preparatory and implementation activities of your "Amazon" project.

For more information on our additional services, visit the WOTRA website.

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Contact us if you are interested in training in your company or want to arrange training for your audience group in your or any other language and/or other country.

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