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Web Prototyping with Axure


Title: Web prototyping with Axure
Subtitle: Creating clickable mock-ups for desktop and mobile without coding

Trainer: Steffen Schilb

Dates & Duration: scheduled for September 2019, the exact date will be determined subsequently

Registration Deadline: in August 2019

Main Topic: Digital Economy - Digital products prototyping

Course Code: WOC-003001-0001-EN

Venue: Ljubljana (Slovenia)
details will be known 10-14 days before the course start date

Language: English

The number of participants is very limited.


Imagine your web site or app is almost finished and you want to launch it as soon as possible. But suddenly, a stakeholder presentation and/or a user test show that a lot of features have to be changed. This will delay the launch unpredictably and let the costs explode.

With Axure, you can create clickable prototypes at a very early step in the development lifecycle. These prototypes help in finding the best design solutions, demonstrating user flows for stakeholder presentations and conducting user tests. By integrating this feedback and adjusting the prototype, you will create a consolidated (stakeholder perspective) and more convenient (user perspective) product. The development steps will become more predictive and the chances for larger changes at late steps get minimized.

For taking part of the seminar, you do not need any Axure or programming skills.

The program is intended for all professional domains in digital agencies, organizations, companies or start-ups that transform business requirements into digital products, for example:

  • Requirements Engineers;
  • Product Owners and Managers;
  • User Experience Designers, Information Architects and Concept Developers;
  • Screen and Web Designers.

The purpose of the training is to teach basic and advanced Axure skills in order to be capable of creating interactive prototypes on your own. You will learn the fundamental principles and features of Axure and you will further develop your knowledge by conducting a variety of hands-on exercises. We will create one prototype together that includes typical web/app patterns like fly out navigation, burger menus and swipe gestures. We will even create a responsive version that can be accessed through your mobile device. After the seminar, you will be able to adapt the learnings and patterns to your environment and create your own Axure prototypes.

No matter if web site, web application, standalone software or touch screen, digital products and their development get more and more complex, not only from a functional point of view, but also from an interactive point of view: items open on mouse over, elements slide left or right, site modules move and float around. It gets harder and harder to design the best digital experience for requirements and stakeholder expectations as these are rather static in contrast to the highly dynamic modern digital products. In order to minimize costs and efforts, it is strongly recommended to define this interactive behavior and all related user flows before the actual technical implementation.

In the last couple of years, Axure became a de facto standard tool for demonstrating how the experience of a digital product should be before the technical implementations starts. With Axure you can create interactive prototypes that help you visualizing your ideas or putting life into your static mock-ups – all that without any Axure or programming pre-skills. Before writing a single line of code, proposed solutions can be validated, documented, and clearly presented to everyone involved.

In the course, we will all follow one showcase: We will create a clickable prototype for an E-Commerce shop that covers around 90% of typical interactive patterns that are used nowadays. We start with creating wireframes/ static page schemes for all pages. Then, we will put life into the various patterns that we apply, for example fly-out navigation, burger menus, tabs, image galleries. We will even create a mobile/responsive version with slide functionality.

After the seminar, among other things, you will be able to:

  • Adapt the learnings and create your own prototypes;
  • Create responsive clickdummies;
  • Learn how to re-use identical elements (page header, navigation, buttons,…);
  • Publish your prototype in the Axure Cloud and access it through a smartphone (online and offline);
  • Learn how to work in teams within the same Axure project.


Main Topic: Digital Economy – digital products prototyping

Whether you're running Waterfall, Agile, or something in between, starting production with missing requirements, incorrect assumptions, or a lack of consensus puts the project at risk of failure.

The negative impacts of discovering these problems late in a project are all too familiar; drawn-out timelines, sacrificed goals, frustrating rework, and declining team morale are expensive and unnecessary costs to your business.

With Axure RP, business and UX professionals can analyze problems, design solutions, and create interactive prototypes before any code or Photoshop image is produced.

By giving stakeholders and users a chance to test drive Axure prototypes, you can gather meaningful feedback and make informed decisions to reach the right solution.

Once you have the right solution, the prototypes and specifications created in Axure RP get everyone from clients to developers on the same page and working together to deliver it.

Before writing a single line of code, proposed solutions can be validated, documented and clearly presented to everyone involved.

You can submit a registration via the Registration Form or by replying to an electronic invitation, if you have received it. You can also call us during office hours. When registering, indicate for which seminar and date you apply (or seminar code), basic information about the participant and also about the organization, in the case that the payer is an organization.

The price of the two-days long seminar* (registration fee) for each participant is 1,250.00 EUR (excl VAT) or 1,525.00 EUR (incl. 22% VAT). CollaboVentures members have a 10% discount on the net price of the programme.

The price of the seminar includes: 

  • seminar materials; 
  • free one-year access to advanced content on the WOTRA Focus - Development Navigator portal, from the day this accessibility to advanced content is enabled on the portal
  • beverages, lunches and snacks during breaks; 

Participants will also receive a Certificate of their participation at the seminar. 

You pay the full fee on the basis of the received proforma invoice. We will forward the final invoice to your address after the seminar is ended.

Any termination of the seminar must be written and forwarded to the seminar organizer before the registration deadline. In case of timely cancellation we charge 15% of the administrative and organizational costs. We do not return the fee in the event of a subsequent cancellation, however the replacement of a participant from the same organization is possible.

Other conditions:

  • Knowledge of English is required;
  • We do not allow audio or video recording during the training.

* the price does not include any overnight stay at the hotel       

Steffen Schilb

Steffen photo 300x300Steffen Schilb is an experienced User Experience Designer with more than 15 years of experience in designing convenient interactive solutions.  In order to better visualize his conceptual ideas, he discovered Axure 10 years ago and became an Axure Pro. He holds a master's degree in digital media from the University Bremen and the University of the Arts Bremen and a diploma in computer science from the University of applied sciences Kaiserslautern. His focus is on complex and interaction-heavy experiences like banking, mobile apps, informational web sites and web apps.

As an employee, he worked for IBM and Swisscom (Switzerland) among others. As a freelancer, he worked for companies like Daimler, BMW, Nokia, UBS and Deutsche Telekom around Europe. For the last 4 years, he enriched his portfolio by giving seminars related to User Experience Design and Axure.

His expertise includes:

  • Creating conceptual mock-ups for intuitive, user-friendly and efficient digital products like web sites, apps or touch terminals
  • Gathering and prioritizing (user) requirements
  • Creating personas and customer journeys
  • Translating requirements into wireframes and clickable prototypes (with Axure)
  • Conducting user research and tests (existing product or work in progress)
  • Expert evaluations / competitor analysis of existing products

Visit steffenschilb.com for more information.

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Web Prototyping with Axure

The participation fee is: 1,250.00 EUR excluding VAT or 1,525.00 EUR incl. 22% VAT.

You pay the full fee on the basis of the received proforma invoice.
We will forward the final invoice to your address after the seminar is ended.


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