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Collective Intelligence

The concept of collective intelligence is closely connected with the topic of collaboration and partnerships. One of the preconditions to build the collective intelligence* is carefully prepared multilevel collaboration or partnership strategy, which among other things defines the potential of individuals, companies and organisations in an individual connection (or even a region) or outside of it, and at the same time also processes and rules of exchanging intellectual capital. Moreover, the use of appropriate methodologies and tools as well as information technology is also necessary.

There are many questions regarding this topic, for example:

-        The collective intelligence from which individuals that are included in a connection would draw the knowledge or intelligence created together was developed in only a few cases of collaboration and partnerships. What are the reasons for this?

-        Could carefully and smartly planned collective intelligence and access to such intelligence become the main competitive factor of the development of individuals, companies, connections or even regions?

-        Who are the initiators and leading development holders of the collective intelligence?

-        How to build the collective intelligence in own collaboration or partnership models?

-        What knowledge, methodologies and tools do we need to build the collective intelligence?

-        What level of collective intelligence does an individual connection have, and how can it be measured?

-        Can the level of collective intelligence be one of the trust level indicators in a connection or a maturity level indicator of an individual connection or partnership?

Our articles related to collective intelligence are aimed at presenting the significance of building and using collective intelligence in the practice.


* Based on quantum theories, we are aware that collective intelligence, collective consciousness and/or collective mind are also accessible in other ways; find more about this topic under the categories “Complementary Business Practices” and “Rediscovering”.




Advanced levels of partnership and collaboration require consideration as regards the potential of collective intelligence. One of the predispositions for building collective intelligence is a systematically prepared multilevel partnership and collaboration strategy, which among other things determines the potential of individuals, companies and organisations in an individual network

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