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Digital Economy

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Digital Economy

Digital economy includes a wide range of business activities, since digitalisation is carried out in several layers, all sectors, and both in the business, public and private or home environment. Digitalisation is omnipresent in business operations and private life, and it at the same time breaks the classical educational, service, production, financial, legal, organisational, management, decision-making, marketing, sales, communication and other business models, systems, sub-systems, methodologies and tools.

Articles connected with digital economy are multi-layered as well. We write about the possible changes or improvements delivered by modern digital solutions, which would give organisations competitive advantages, increase their visibility and credibility among the existing and potential buyers, decrease costs, increase transparency of operations or introduce new innovative business models. We also write about the possibilities of obtaining development funds for developers or holders of innovative solutions, about the needs of business systems, the importance of strategic partnerships, the necessity of interconnectivity of individual solutions, partnership, marketing and sales strategies of the digital society, and about other digital economy related topics.




Amazon records high growth each year in terms of the number of sellers and buyers as well as in terms of a turnover generated from sales. Also companies that have observed amazon only with the side eye must admit that sales on the amazon should no longer be ignored. Sales methods on Amazon's marketplaces vary depending on the strategy, the type of products and the capabilities of individual companies.


Our approach to the development of the ecosystem of modern online shop combines knowledge from strategic management, information technology, internationalization of business, partnership management, and marketing and sales.


There are over 10 million active online shops in the world, and over 800.000 in Europe. The online shops are dispersed all over Europe, a great share of these online shops belongs to Germany, United Kingdom and the Netherlands.[1] The large number of online shops put the individual online retailer in a unenviable position, meaning they have to find methods to increase the recognisability of their online shops.


Many IT projects fail because of a lack of proper planning, an unclear scope and poor requirements management. Project failure leads to wasted investments, excess cost, and lost revenue. How can avoid this?

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