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T: +44 7943 616 399  |  T: +386 40 790 000



WOTRA has been run partnerships with a number of experts and organizations, either in terms of the joint implementation of advisory services and training, either in the development of professional content or in the joint participation in European and other projects. Both, WOTRA and/or our clients are open to partnerships in various forms. In case you recognise yourself in one or more roles seen from below, please let us know. We invite:

  • development partners for the joint development of products or services (e.g. in software development projects, tourism, new professional classical and online content development, training and other service sectors, consumer goods development, etc.);
  • complementary partners for expanded business support services and a common presence in foreign markets (e.g. partnership with experts in individual areas with international advisory or training experience);
  • financial partners for financing of our and/or our clients' projects in various stages;
  • marketing and sales experts and companies for co-branding, marketing and sales on domestic and foreign markets, building of dispersed sales network, and similar;
  • authors of professional articles and papers, professional content providers, business platforms and portals;
  • business publishers and media;
  • providers of business-professional education and training (e.g. providers of professional traditional and online seminars, co-organizers of trainings and events in Slovenia and other countries);
  • classroom and events' hall providers;
  • translators for co-operation in translation of professional contents from Slovenian to foreign languages and vice versa;
  • all others who want to work with us in the development of services and products and in promoting collaborative business models and promotion of intelligent society.

Your partnership proposal can be sent via the Enquiry Form available on our website. In case you need the NDA signed before, please give as a notice in the Enquiry Form.  



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